The begining, the middle, the…

So, I’ve meant to sit down and write about this whole fertility business, but like everything else in my life it seems to get pushed off till later because taking a nap seems so much more important now. Or more like I can’t get through my day without taking one. One thing about all these hormones is they make you exhausted. It’s truly amazing how drained of energy you are. Ok let’s go back to the start off all this…

In April 2009 B and I got married and we decided that we would start trying for kids around December of that year. We knew we had some reproductive issues so we went to the fertility clinic and they pretty much told us we would never conceive without the help of a Dr. We were OK with that. So, in December we started the process of IVF w/ ICSI.  The twice a day shots were not bad, it was the 34 eggs that I was growing, that was the painful part. Imagine if you will, (ladies) you know how you get that crampy bloated feeling before you get your period cuz ONE egg is growing well imagine 34!  Tying your own shoes was not an option the last few days.  Well they harvested the eggs, fertilized them and watched them grow!  Sounds kinda like a chia-pet… They transferred two embryos back to me and the 2 week wait started.  On day 13 we went in for the beta (blood test) and we received less than thrilling news, our efforts were not successful.

Of course we decided that our goal is to have a child so we shall prevail and try again.  January will pretty much be spent getting my uterine lining up to thickness with twice week estrogen shots and a once a week visit to Dr. K.  The visit includes an interaction with the ultrasound machine (transvaginal ultrasound more specifically), a needle to check hormone levels, a visit with the nurse, and last but not least the swipe of the credit card.

So how does one get through all this?  How do you completely change your focus and focus almost ALL of your energy on TTC? (Try to Conceive)  And how do you do all of that on top of your Husband working out-of-town? (He’s gone from Monday morning till Friday afternoon) 

One way…Jesus Christ.