An update is due

Well I suppose it’s time to update you.  The month of December was spent participating in an IVF w/ ICSI cycle.  More info here on that  ­January was/is being spent participating in an FET cycle.

 Due to the IVF cycle we ended up with some additional embies so we frozen them to be used later.  75% of the frozen embies were AAA, 12.5% were ABB and 12.5% were BBB.  VERY awesome embies!  The clinic grades them but each Dr uses a different grading system so I can’t tell you what each of those letters mean but, going back to the days of school A’s are always good.

 An FET cycle means that I spend 3 weeks injecting Estrogen into my hip/butt area on Thursday and Sunday evenings to get my uterine lining nice and thick!  The estrogen suppresses the ovaries so that they don’t grow any eggs because we are not going to be using them to get me preggers.  That’s right; we are leaving them out of the equation.  Why?  Well cuz we over worked them last month and we have everything we need.  So, on Friday morning they will thaw 2 of the embies and at 9:30 am they will transfer them to my very fluffy triple striped uterus.  I get some Valium, a ride home, a long nap and then bed rest for 2 more days.  Hopefully this time the kids will like it there and stay there.  I will of course have a talk with the two of them right after they are transferred and make sure they know it is unacceptable for them not stay put and grow to be nice healthy babies I will be able to hold in 9 months!