11 Weeks

11 Weeks, and the boat keeps rocking with no land in sight! I’ve had many conversations with the baby about giving me a break when I get to 12 weeks. S/he has 6 more days to torture me and then that’s it! No more making mom sick!

Last week I had my first appointment with my OB preggers! It went really well, he took his time and answered all my questions, made me feel very taken care of. It’s hard to switch from the guy who got you preg to the one who is going to help you maintain. My next appointment is on April 21st where I will be 14 weeks. Darn it! 2 weeks shy if being able to see the sex. I’m going to beg and plead that he’ll let me come in early for a gender u/s instead of making me wait another month! It’s weird not being able to see the baby every 10 days or so. We were so spoiled. I’m thinking I need my own u/s machine, I’ve been wanded so many times I could run that thing myself. 🙂