Normal? Whats that?

Hmm dare I say it?! Dare I talk about the pregnancy sickness? I know technically my baby can’t hear me yet but, I am sure s/he can feel the presence of authority when I talk. Because I said come week 12 no more making me sick and Sunday starts week 12. I am starting to feel normal again! šŸ™‚ One thing I have discovered, which my BF figured out way before I decided to test the theory…dairy makes me sick. The kind of sick where if it wasn’t for the protection of my uterus I’m sure I would have damaged my child. And since I’ve cut it out of my diet, life is soo much better! Weird! I’m gonna have to mention it to Dr. P and see if there is some explaination for it. Another side effect of feeling better, food looks lovely again! I wake up with cravings of real food instead of crackers and 7-Up. I am think it might be time to ban the Food Network. I can already tell it’s gonna get me in trouble. I should instead start watching HGTV, maybe it will inspire me to FINALLY get all my crap from my single days organized and put away!

Speaking of being single…tomorrow marks the 1st aniversary of the day I married the most awesome man on earth! I really can’t beleive we’ve been married a year, it’s flown by! And at the same time I feel like we’ve been together forever. So tomorrow we celebrate our love for each other and our love for this new little life growing inside me. The Lord has blessed our life beyond comprehension.