Silly Mom!

So, yesterday we had a bit of a scare.  Some light no big deal spotting started on Sunday and by Monday I had passed 1 clot and 1 kinda clot.  Mind you everything was dark brown not bright red.  I was totally not worried untill the 2nd kinda clot.  Of course it happened an hr after my Dr. was closed for the day.  I called the after hrs line, and he told me to come in today. 

I went in today, Dr. P did and internal exam and ultrasound.  Everything is perfect!  Mom was just being supper silly!  đŸ™‚  They were sweet at the Dr. about it all.  The nurse who actually works at our Fertility Clinic on the weekends as well was supper understanding considering all it took for us to get here.  Once they started the ultra sound I could see the little ‘guy’ movin all around and my heart slowed down! 

Here are the latest picts.  I’m 12w 3d.


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