So much to say!

Yikes!  It’s been for-ev-er since I posted something with substance.  Lots to catch up on…its gonna be a long post so grab a snack.

Home Improvements

We’ve my husband has been busy getting our house ready for the baby.  We have a bonus room upstairs that is the size of our 3 car garage.  This room did not have a closet in it so B built one.  Here are 2 pictures.  The first is the closet in progress, and the 2nd is the final product.  Our plan for the bonus room is for it to be a TV / Play Room / Extra guest room.  It has also become the cats favorite room because they can keep an eye on the whole neighborhood from the windows.  🙂

The next thing we did is move the office into a smaller room because we will be using the old office as the Nursery.  I actually really love the new office.  It’s set up so you can look out into the neighborhood through the huge ceiling to floor window while at the PC.  And it is the perfect size for all the furniture.  It’s the kind of office if I were to work from home I would love to be in.  So, now the nursery is empty ready and waiting to be filled with lots of baby stuff! 

Our next big project will be to completely gut the upstairs guest bathroom.  The only thing we are keeping is the bathtub.  I’m supper excited that I get to design it.

Pregnancy Updates

  • I’m 17 weeks and 5 days!  And guess what? I feel like a human being again!!!  My 16th week was the 1st week I felt normal.  I had energy and I wasn’t nauseous; the only issue was a daily afternoon headache.  This week the headache has been absent.
  • My weight gain goal for this pregnancy is 27 lbs which breaks down to 3 lbs a month.  I am proud to say I have 22 weeks left and I have only gained 7 lbs!!!  🙂  And now that I feel normal I can start walking daily and lifting some light arm weights.  (If I don’t I fear I won’t be able to endure the marathon sessions of nursing and holding our baby.)
  • I definitely have a “I’m pregnant belly” not a “I just look fat belly”. 

  • We go in on Wednesday, May 19th @ 4:30 pm to find out if we are having a boy or girl!  Both our parents and hopefully my brother are going to go with us!!  We are so excited!!  I have always felt in my gut that I was having a boy, but in all my dreams it is a girl.  5 more days and we will know, and then I can finally start planning the decor of the nursery.  I already have some basic thoughts but it’s so hard to think about all the little details untill I know what we’re having.

I’m an Auntie!

I left on Sunday, May 2 and headed up to the Sacramento area to await the arrival of my best friend’s (K) daughter.  K’s due date was May 2nd and she had not progressed for 3 weeks.  (She was 50% effaced and .5 cm dilated.)  K’s doctors scheduled her to be induced Saturday the 8th @ 10pm.  She started out with a dose of Misoprostol.  Then on Sunday they started the Pitocin.  Shortly after that they broke her water.  By 7 pm Sunday you could tell K was finally in labor.  Around 11pm they administered a walking epidural and she was FINALLY able to get some rest.  BTW at this point she was only at 3 cm and 80% effaced.  They gave her 2 more doses of the walking epidural and @ 5 am when they checked her she was at 6cm!!  At this point the walking epidural wasn’t effective enough so they turned on the full epidural.  I got a call from her mom @ 6 am she was 10 cm and 100% effaced!  Her beautiful baby girl, (E) was born on May 10th @ 8:09 am, 7 lbs 4 oz, 19.5 inches long.

K labored for 36 hrs!  She did such an amazing job, she was so calm, strong, and composed.  Her husband, (M) was so supportive and was just an amazing coach.  I feel so blessed that I was able to be in the room while she delivered E.  It was truly one of the most amazing things to witness.  I volunteered to take pictures for them, and short of missing the cutting of the cord because I couldn’t get in there quick enough, I captured a lot of great moments that I know they will treasure.  Thank you M & K for letting me be part of the birth of E.

Here is a pict of K right when she got settled into the LDR room Sat night.  I wish I could show you how beautiful her daughter is but, I wouldn’t want someone posting a pict of my child on the internet so I’m not gonna.  (Which is why K’s face is kinda blocked out too.)

Trip Home

Sadly, I had to head home on Monday so I flew out from Sac airport.  I was supposed to leave Sac @ 3:25 pm however due to horrible weather in the mid-west my flight was delayed till 5:10 pm.  I checked myself in, ate some soup for lunch, and then found a “quiet” seat by the window to take a nap.  After being asleep for 20 min or so I woke up from the worst stomach cramps and nausea.  Awesome I thought…morining sickness decided to show up right before I had to fly home.  I then spent 30 min in the bathroom sick as a dog.  While I was in the bathroom I figured I would hear when my flight was going to board since I could hear other flights info.  Mind you, even if I had the presence of mind to look at the clock it wouldn’t have mattered.  I was so super sick and there was no way I could leave the bathroom till I was done throwing up.  I was finally able to get to a place where I physically could move, I walked over to gate and noticed  A LOT of  the seats were empty.  I went up to the counter and found out I missed my flight!  Thankfully I was able to transfer to another flight that would leave @ 6:10 pm but arriving at LAX instead of Burbank.  Southwest gave me a prefered seating pass so I could get on the plane and get a seat next to the bathroom.  The flight attendants were so nice to me, they gave me a plastic bag, ginger ale and loaded me up with pretzels.  When I was finally in my husbands truck I broke into tears I was so happy to be home.  It turns out I think I got some sort of 12 hr stomach bug because I had the chills and severe body aches all over.  I must have picked something up at the hospital…not the way I wanted to end my trip. 

WHEW!  If you kept reading…I aplaude you!  🙂  Sorry for the book, I couldn’t sleep.