Feeling His presence

God is truely amazing and His blessings are constant. I know that in terms of a resolution to our problem we haven’t gotten there yet. But I do know He is keeping Taryn happy and safe and allowing my body to stop contracting. He has also blessed us with amazing nurses. So far 2 of our nurses are Christians and I feel like the Lord has given them to us as physical proof He is surounding us with His angels.

I am overwhelmed by how many people are praying for us. I know it seems silly but I almost don’t feel worthy. But thank you, thank you, thank you. The calm and peace that I feel is really beyond my understanding and proof the Holy Spirit is covering us.

Our prayer requests:
-Continued peace
-No infections
-Strong amniotic sack
-This time away from each other and new way of life somehow helps our marriage grow stronger
-That the Lord will fill the Dr with His knowledge and ability so he can make clear and confident decisions about my care

Ben and I are eternally grateful for everyones dedication and love twards Miss Taryn Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and deeper. 🙂


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