Update #3

Well, the news for today is wait! They are going to do some blood work and check the C reactive protein levels. As soon as they are low enough Dr P will do a visual exam and then we will know more.

So for now its going to be another fun filled day of laying around. :). Feel free to visit!


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  1. Hi Janelle & Ben:

    Just wanted you to know you are in our prayers. God is in control whatever happens.

    Some friends told me that this happened to some girls that they know and the doctor was able to push the sack back in and sew them up until a week before the baby was to be born. Of course they had to stay in bed for the whole time, but it’s worth it.

    Praying that the doctors are given wisdom to know what to do to protect the baby and it’s mother and that any procedures they do work out for the Glory of God.

    Love You,
    Uncle Paul & Aunt Diana


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