My new home…RM 221

Just a quick update.

I had an ultrasound today. Taryn is perfect. My body is weird.

The great part is my cervix has closed up nice and tight. The NOT great part is the sack is buldged out still. So imagine if u will a water balloon. If you twist it there’s a very large sack of water Taryn would be living in. The twisted part of the balloon would be my closed cervix the small amount an inch circle of water is the part of the buldging sack. This small part of the sack is in the vaginal canal.

The plan: I’m taking up residence in Rm 221 @ Los Robles Hosp. (btw I’ve moved rooms. The other room had a couple of problems).

There is still the possibility of infection rupturing the exposed sack however, Ben and I both feel positive and confident all 3 of us will be going home together in 17 or so weeks. I’m on 2 different antibiotics to help ward off infection. I will continue to be on total bed rest. I’m not allowed to leave my bed. It’s kinda funny for someone who so loves her bed im now stuck in it. At least I’ll get my fill before she comes so I won’t feel deprived when I bring her home. 🙂

Thank you for the continued prayer now we have a praise!!!!


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  1. I’m glad that Taryn is doing so well. Sorry that you are cooped up in the hospital =(. But, get all the rest you can, you’re gonna wish for some when Taryn makes her appearance ;). Take care, love ya!


  2. Praise the Lord that everything is proceeding, on time (albeit a few “modifications”, perhaps)! Now you will have all the time in the world to read to Taryn. We so enjoyed seeing you and Ben get married, and we have been thrilled to know that you and Ben are expecting Taryn Jane Victoria in “due” course… I met your mom when we were in the third grade, and we have gone through some funny times. To pass the time, get your mom to regale you with a tale or two! For example, your mother and I used to walk on top of the slump stone fence for close to a fourth of a mile as we made our way home from school. We both could have been gymnastic champs, especially on the beam… The fence was over 5 feet tall and we just thought it was the most fun… Naturally, I would have a fit if my daughter did such a thing! Double standard, all the way!!!………(Oh-oh!… I just realized that Dorothy and Gordon may read these comments. Yikes.. sorry, Jane…you can just blame me and tell them that it was another thing that I probably instigated…) I bet that Taryn will be just as coordinated as her grandmother…. All silliness, aside, we want you to know that you and Ben and Taryn are in the foreground of our thoughts and prayers, right now, Jannelle… May you all feel the peace, love and grace of the Lord during this time, and may this process bring you all closer to God and each other. Fondly, Lynne, Mark and Katelyn Rose…


    1. Thank you Lynne. Oh I’ve heard some stories. :). The ones about playing with Barbie, and sliding down the banister! My mom is such a rule follower it’s funny the things you guys used to do.


  3. Hey Janelle,
    Continued prayers for you and Miss Taryn. Praying for you and your husband and some sweet QUIET quality time. You won’t get much after baby is born! 🙂 Praying she will continue to grow safe and sound for several more weeks. Can you send me an address for you guys? Lots of love and prayers,


  4. I hope you have clean sheets at 12000000 thread count and a soft bed……see you soon. ….I go to Kropf on Tuesday


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