God is good

I’m sooo exhausted but wanted to thank everyone who took time out of their day to stop by and visit and pray with us. And thank you to all the people we know and don’t know who are lifting us up in prayer constantly.

God is good. HE created Taryn. He has a plan for her little life.

I am a worrier. I get worked up and overly stressed typically. The Lord says He will NEVER give us more than we can handle. I know on my own I can not handle what we are going through. It is amazing how much peace He has given me. The peace I have is beyond comprehension because the Lord has bestowed it upon me. It isn’t something that I can just “wish” or “think” into existence. (Id be medicated if that was the case)

Lord we praise YOUR name and come to You thankful for Your blessings and know YOU are the ultimate physician. You are our Creator, and our Heavenly Father we know You love us.


Tomorrow morning we will be having another ultrasound to see if anything has changed.

Prayer requests:

-prayer for Ben to be able to be minimally involved with work tomorrow as we have another big day ahead of us.
-Prayer for the specialist we are going to request to work along side our Dr. That he will be a good fit for us and be able to add some additional perspective to our situation.
-Prayer that over tonight the Lord will touch my body and heal it.
-Prayer for our families that they may feel peace comfort.
-Prayer for another week to pass so that I may get closer to 25 weeks so i can breath I bit easier with the hope of knowing my sweet little girl will have a chance at life.
-Continued peace

THANK YOU again and again for everyone’s prayers. We are MOST grateful!!


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  1. I have read all of your prayer requests, and have sent them up to the Lord, straight away… I told your dad and mom that the Bible tells us to ask for what we need, so I have asked for complete healing and a miracle concerning you and your baby, Taryn. Prayers also for Ben. Be at peace and let God cradle you both tonight. Love, all the Perry/Spiro’s…


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