Abraham & Isaac

Here’s the scoop.

Today we kinda went through hoops to decided on which High Risk Dr to choose to consult with. We ended up working with a Dr who is a partner of our first choice. (Our 1st choice was unavailable due to being on vacation.). The way it played out was again the Lord taking control. I was so overwhelmed with trying to make the right decision and God sent us the perfectly qualified Dr. We had a wonderful consultation and are 100% confident God choose this Dr. For us.

We have to make a decision. Do I lay on bed rest or do i have surgery to try and push the amniotic sack back in and stitch up my cervix. Both are of equal risk. Both do not guarantee success.

Right now what is pulsing through my mind and heart is the story of where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Genesis 22: 1-19. Abraham obeys and proceeds to carry out the sacrifice but just as he’s about to kill his son God stops him.

God has asked me to give Taryn to him fully 100% and I have. I know no matter the outcome GOD IS IN CONTROL! I’m not suggesting He is asking me to make a decision that will end her life. But he is telling me NO MATTER the decision WE make HIS WILL BE DONE.

And honestly I’m at peace. A place of supernatural peace and calm. Tomorrow evening we will have the surgery.

Pray Requests:

-Continued peace for both of us
-That the Lord will use our Drs body as a vessel so the Lord can perform the surgery.
-No infection is present in my body or the amniotic sack
-And again for peace

Thank you for everyone’s devotion to praying for us. We feel your prayers and know God is doing BIG things!


5 Replies to “Abraham & Isaac”

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. I’m praying constantly for the three of you. You’ve had to make some big decisions and I know that God is in control of the situation. Take care, may the peace of God be with you and may Jesus hold both you and Taryn in his arms during everything. We love you.


  2. thanks for the update. praying the surgery goes perfectly. Taryn is going to get to viability and way beyond. I know it. Peace and strength for you guys.


  3. Thank you for the update, Janelle. We are continuing to pray for you, Ben, and Taryn. I know that our God is great, and he will keep you all safe.


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