I’m still here!

I’m finally posting something again! Sorry about that. After all the stress and decision making we have been dealing with I’ve been mentally tapped.

The update…There’s nothing to report! We feel along with the advice of our Drs that bed rest will give us the best chance at keeping this pregnancy going. So, here I lay excited for each day that passes. I’ve completed 13 days almost 14! I came in when I was 19 weeks and I’m currently in my 21st week! I’m not having contractions, and my body has stabilized.

My care here is amazing!!!!! My nurses are the best. All that helps keep my days short and attitude positive. God has given me hands down the BEST husband. I couldn’t imagine going through this without him. I have an amazing support system and usually get at least one visitor a day!

We had a very detailed ultrasound to measure and look at all of Taryn’s organs. She is exactly where she is supposed to be for her gestational age. It’s so fun to feel her kicking and moving. She’s so strong other people can feel her if they put their hand on my tummy.

Thank you again and again for everyone’s continued commitment to praying for the 3 of us! It really means a lot to know we have the support we have!


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  1. So glad to hear the good news.!. Our family has been praying diligently, and it is so nice to hear that Taryn is developing nicely and you are well rested. Your nurses sound like ministering angels… Big hugs to you all… Love from all the Spiro’s…


  2. A note from your Fresno cousins…..

    We keep track of how you are doing and you “Three” are in our thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are delighted things are going well!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sue and Doug


  3. Just a note from Ohio, been keeping up with everything and glad you are doing so much better. All our love to you three and your Mom and Dad

    Your in our prayers
    Robert and Patty


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