Field Trips are fun!

Today the pregnancy sickness, (aka morning sickness) came back in full force! So I spent the day asleep till about 1ish. Ben came over around 4 and I finally decided soup would be ok to eat, mostly because if I got sick it wouldn’t be too bad coming back up. :). The nausea is almost gone now thank goodness!

The nurses are always commenting on how self-sufficient I am. But it helps me keep my sanity. They also say how low maintenance I am! HA! See dad I am not high maintenance…he calls me “HM”. So even though I’m stuck in bed all day I have every thing in arms reach that I need. The nurses laugh because every day they set me up with basins of water and I give myself my own bath, all they have to do is wash my back and every couple of days i get my hair washed. They are always saying we don’t mind helping you but like I said it helps me feel like I’m not stuck in a hospital.

Tonight I went on a field trip. They landed me a new bed that is filled with air that will hopefully reduce some of the back and hip pain I’m having. They wheeled me into the hallway so that I could switch beds. It was so fun! I guess they can also take me for a “walk” and push my bed outside for a little bit during the day if I start to feel like the walls are closing in.

Tomorrow, Saturday we are going to have another ultrasound to check on things. It will be interesting to see what my body has done in the last week. Symptom wise, I don’t feel anything. Its seems like to me my body has stabilized somewhat.

Taryn is a kicking machine! She’s so strong you can see my belly move all over the place when she gets going! It is SO cool! I absolutely love it when she gets crazy. It keeps me motivated to hang in there and I can’t wait till I get to love her all up!!!!

Prayer requests
-That my body has stabilized and/or hopefully the sack has retracted completely and my cervix has closed up tight.
-Continued protection from infection
-Taryn to grow healthy and mature quickly in case of an early delivery

-On Sunday I will be 22 weeks! (I came in when I was 19 weeks and 2 days)
-This whole ordeal has strengthened and brought Ben and I closer together.
-My sanity has stayed fully intact! 🙂

Thank you everyone who continues to keep us in your prayers. Thank you as well to all my visitors. It really means a lot that you have taken time out of your day to come visit me.


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