22 Weeks and counting!

I’m starting my 22nd week today!!!!!!

Thank you Lord for keep us safe and keeping this pregnancy going!

I’m just so overjoyed and thankful God is allowing Taryn to stay with us and grow and thrive. Some of you know that about a week ago we had a high risk Dr come in to consult. (This was not the Dr we were going to have do the surgery). After he did the ultrasound he basically told me to terminate the pregnancy and “just start over”. Like my daughter was just a piece of trash. I was shocked. He mentioned 4 times I should terminate!!!! His suggestion was not because my health was at stake, there has been no risk to me so far. Needless say I will never have anything to do with him except to send him a birth announcement so he can know that when he took his oath to become a Dr. And do no harm, he should have taken it seriously.

In my post “Abraham and Isaac” I was talking about how I had given Taryn to the Lord. It was scary. I was afraid that maybe that meant God was going to take her home early. But it’s amazing what a leap of faith will give you. I’m not afraid anymore that my body is going to fail her. I know God is taking care of her and she at such a young age already knows her God and has felt His presence. And really, isn’t that what any mom wants for their child? To experience and know their God?

So, I say it again. Thank you Lord for taking care of my little girl and giving me the strength to carry on every day.


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  1. ngdsr grrr nshser! (That’s me grumbling at that dr.) I’m glad you have been so strong through this and have been able to leave the situation and Taryn to God. You are very blessed and your faith is an inspiration to all who know you. Love, hugs, and prayers are being sent to you and your family.


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