23 Weeks

23 weeks pregnant

26 days completed in the hospital

1 more week till viability (this means the NICU can work with Taryn)

11 more weeks till I get to go home

Again, thankfully there isn’t much to report! This week has been uneventful. My body has continued to stay stable and not do anything weird. The daily morning nausea seems to have tapered off, and I haven’t had to take any Zofran for 4 days.

This week it seems that my child has decided wedging herself in my pelvis is a good place to hang out. She has all this other space up higher yet she prefers to settle in low. It wouldn’t stress me out so much but the whole point of bed rest is to decrease the pressure on my cervix so the bag doesn’t break. And when she is all wedged down there it creates this pressure feeling and full bladder feeling. So I have to put myself in a more exaggerated hips higher than my shoulders position to try and coax her to move higher. It usually works but today, she is being stubborn. We tried to have an ultrasound today but LDR’s machine was broken, it would have been nice to see if she was head down. Being head down is perfect and exactly what we want but she still has lots of room to move around so she could easily be feet first. -Not what we want cuz there is more pressure on the bag when she’s feet first. Which in turn causes mom and dad more stress.

Taryn’s latest trick…she getting big enough that sometimes I can see her bulging my belly out a bit so when I push on her she pushes back. Ben tells me to stop teasing her but my defense is I’m stuck in bed, I have to give her a little bit of a hard time. 🙂

Next week I will get a shot as a preventative measure to help her lungs develop faster than what is normal. That way whenever she decides to come her lungs will be a bit more mature. Next Sunday marks a huge day in our journey, our first milestone. 24 weeks marks viability, and mom and dad can breath a little easier. I woke up this morning grumpy cuz I was in the same room with the same things to look at and I want it to be next week already. It feels like the week before you are going to go on a very much needed vacation and it can’t come fast enough. I’m also a little stressed because i need 7 more days out of her at least.

Prayer requests

-That Taryn stops hanging out low as it makes me nervous.
-That we make our first milestone of 24 weeks
-Peace, patience, calm, and optimism for me.
-That Taryn continues to grow and thrive and gain lots of strength.

Thank you for your continued devotion of praying for our family. And thank you for not forgetting that I’m still in the hospital and coming to visit. The visits really keep me motivated and shorten my days.


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  1. I love you! And I’m so proud of how you have handled all of this and how you have kept Jesus as you rock!


  2. Now you know why I call you a “RED CROSS” nothing is ever easy with you. It is all on your mom’s side..:-)


  3. Just so you know…we checked your blog at least twice a week…so keep on writing as we keep on praying together…the days are slow but the weeks are very fast:)


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