I really am God’s child

Well kids…2 more days till I start my 24th week! THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday marks the 1st day of viability!!!!

God has protected Taryn and has given Ben and I the most amazing gift of a child. From the beginning, even though we needed our Dr.’s help to conceive, it’s always been the Lord who has made it happen. He sent us to the right Dr., it was Him who gave our Dr.s the ability to do their job, and it was Him who held Taryn in my womb and allowed me to become pregnant. And it is Him who is/has been performing a miracle these past almost 5 weeks.

I’ve been emotional all day just thinking about how all the odds are stacked against me, yet because my God is omnipotent those odds and statistics don’t matter. What matters is our faith in Him. I’ve always known and never doubted that God will take care of me and provide for me. But I never really believed that I was worthy of a miracle or Him spending very much “energy” on me…I’m not a “special” model Christian. I know God doesn’t have favorites, but in my human mind i guess I kinda thought that way. But, I know that way of thinking is silly now. So many of my nurses are so shocked that I am OK with being on bed rest for as long as at takes. But I will do ANYTHING for my child. And that is how God feels. He paid the ultimate price so we can spend eternity with Him. If the ultimate price I have to pay to hold my daughter is to lay on bed rest in the hospital, then so be it and I will do it with a smile on my face, and joy in my heart.

I also want to thank everyone for the emails, phone calls, visits, gifts, and notes of encouragement. Every time I experience one of them it refills my hope/good spirits tank! Thankfully all your prayers and efforts to support me have consistently kept my tank 90 to 100% full.

Prayer requests
-Continued peace and strength while I hang out in the hospital for another 10 weeks
-Continued strength for Ben, as he has taken on 100% of the family duties on top of working and making time to spend with me.
-That God keeps my body stable and allows Taryn’s body to grow and mature past her age so when she does come she will have minimal if any complications.


Also, I’d like to ask that at some point this Sunday you flood the gates of heaven with PRAISE for allowing us to reach our first and most important milestone in this journey. I want Sunday to be a day of pure worship and praise for this miracle He is performing. God deserves a big celebration!

Thank you for the continued prayers, and words of encouragement.
Love, Ben, Janelle, and Tarynl


2 Replies to “I really am God’s child”

  1. We are so very pleased to hear that you, Ben, and baby Taryn are doing so well together! We love reading about your journey and continue to pray that all remains well. You and Ben are already demonstrating wonderful parenting skills. Your baby will always know how much love you have had right from the very start, and this will augur well for her future relationships, not only with you two, but with the rest of the world. You all are, truly, a blessing for the rest of us. With love, Lynne, Mark and Katelyn Rose.


  2. If God fulfiled his promise to Abraham & Sarah after 25yrs. what you are going thru is easy. Read Genesis 16 & 21. Number 5 on Mike’s list is the hardest to follow…..(WAITING).

    Learning To Wait
    1. During the “wait” times tests our faith.
    2. Faith is strenthened during time of waiting.
    3. You have to serender “YOUR” plan for “HIS”.
    4. Waiting deepens our relationship with God.
    5.Waiting is God’s plan/timming for us.

    Waiting = danger & compromise…sometimes we take matters into our own hands with a bad outcome if we don’t wait on Him.


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