Because GOD says so!!!!!

We had a wonderful day! It was absolutely awesome to have a day of celebration. The only other times our room has been full with this many people was when things weren’t going well. It was great to have our family around us!

I wanted to have a cake, because you can’t celebrate without cake! So I choose a cake with a rainbow on it. I choose that because after the flood God sent a rainbow so that we would always have a physical reminder that he will never send a flood again. Obviously we aren’t dealing with weather here, but to me it also reminds me of how God is in control and will always provide.

I woke up this morning so happy. I usually eat breakfast, sometimes take a little nap, eat lunch, then get all cleaned up for the day. But today, I ate breakfast, got cleaned up, got my hair washed, and was already to go by 11 am! At 11:30 ish I started my glucose test. This is a normal test that all pregnant women have. It screens to see if you will have gestational diabetes. You drink this VERY sugary orange flavored drink, and then an hr later you have blood work done. The drink was not bad tasting, but it was so sugary that after about 1/2 way through it was so gross to continue to taste the sweetness. (I will know what the results are in a couple of days)Then a few hrs later I got my long awaited Betamethasone shot. This is the shot that will give her lungs a developmental boost. I will receive another shot tomorrow. The only side effect I had from the shot was a slight increase in body temp. My temp is usually 98.3-4, but I elevated to 98.9. I could not get this room cool enough and if I could I probably would have taken a cool shower. 🙂 But it’s all for her, so I’ll take.

We also received a couple of gifts today. Ben’s mom’s very dear friend sent us 2 very cute outfits and a pair of matching shoes! I will post some Picts of the gifts we have received soon. We also got the cutest keep sake. My Aunt Donna and Uncle Chuck and all their kids and their families got us this snow globe. It has a glass pink base and inside there is a little girl kneeling on a pillow praying with a couple of her toys sitting next to her. Along the base she is sitting on inside it has the little excerpt from the Lord’s prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” and it rains glitter inside. There is also a little engraving with her name, and because I’m pregnant and my mind is drawing a blank right now, I can’t remember what else it says. :/ (So sorry guys, it’s not cuz i don’t love it…my memory sinks. I’ll update my post once I remember). It also plays a song which, of course, I cant remember the name. Anyhow, it is so sweet and special I can’t wait to decorate her room and put it on display.

So, THANK YOU everyone who was here and here in spirit and prayer. The support we have is truly amazing and I really wish there was a stronger word to express how loved we feel and appreciative we are.

We have reached this milestone because GOD and GOD alone is making it happen!!!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your day of celebration! Your day coincided with the birthday of my mother, so it was special for us for two reasons! Hope that you all enjoyed the cake. Love, from Lynne, et al.


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