Quick Update

Just a quick update. 🙂

I received the results of my glucose test, and I don’t have to worry about gestational diabetes. Thank goodness, one less thing to worry about.

The Betamethasone shot…YUCK! (this was a steroid to help boost her lung development). I really haven’t complained much about anything, but this has given me plenty to complain about. Sunday I had a long raging hot flash. Monday I received my 2nd shot, and that caused a feeling of my heart beating fast, but my body feeling exhausted. I feel like my body is at odds with itself, it can’t decided if it wants to be amped up or passed out asleep. I can hardly wait till it’s out of my system! I just don’t like this feeling.

Taryn is doing great! Dr. P. said that the shot will make her little body feel like mine. Which I suspected because her movements were very gentle compared to the usual kick boxing she does. But last night she started a 3 hr session of moving like crazy! She was going at it so strong I was able to take a video of it on my cell phone. It looked like she was trying to push her way out of my belly! I just love feeling her move. I can wait…but I can hardly wait till she is here! 🙂

I’ve attached a few Picts from Sunday, and a picture of the shopping spree Grandma Jane did! My mom went crazy!!! But I love it! She brought in all the clothes today, they are SO darn cute! I cant wait to dress her up in them.


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