Our Baby Girl

Miss Taryn Jane-Victoria O.

July 3, 2010, 2:14pm
1 lb 4 oz.
11 3/4 inch
21 cm head
18 cm chest

She is doing great! All those kick-boxing sessions she did in my belly are paying off. The Dr. Is happy with her condition. Her life will be a roller coaster while she’s here but she’s a fighter and God will protect her.

Thank You Lord Jesus for your protection and NEVER leaving our side!


10 Replies to “Our Baby Girl”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh my! My heart lept when I saw the title to this update! I’m sooo happy that she is being strong. You three are going to make one awesome family! Love to you all!!


  2. OMG…this is wonderful! We continue to pray for baby Taryn and you and Ben as she grows stronger and bigger and healthier and more beautiful every minute! Congratulations to the Olmscheid and Ninfo families, and take good care of yourself, Janelle! You did a great job and showed tremendous faith and willpower to keep still and calm for this miracle to happen. Now stretch out and get some EXERCISE! lol

    We love you and wish you all the best!


  3. Oh my word, Janelle!! She is beautiful. PRAYING!!! You’ve got a fighter and you are one heck of a mom! CONGRATULATIONS!!


  4. The very best wishes to all of you and all our thoughts are with you guys. Congratulations!!!!! Lots of love from both of us.


  5. So proud of how you have handled yourself during the last 25 weeks and especially the last 6. You have already proven what an awesome mommy you are. You have shown everyone the amazing power of prayer and how awesome our God is! May Jesus protect her and be with her as she continues to grow – can’t wait to hold her! Love to you my daughter.


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