Updates for Taryn

Whew!!! Did I really give birth to my daughter 4 days ago?? It seems impossible that I am a mommy.

So much happens each day in Taryn’s life that there is no way to cover all the details. So I will cover the major tests done so far.

On Sunday we were told there was a chance that she would need surgery because her esophagus wasn’t attached to her belly. But, see all our super smart Dr.s and nurses can’t outsmart God! It turns out she’s just so little they had a hard time getting her feeding tube down her throat. Once they tried it with guided ultrasound and tilted her body a certain way, the feeding tube slid right down!

Monday were told she had a small heart murmur. While a baby is in the womb there is a little hole in their heart because the baby uses the placenta in place of the heart for certain functions. When the baby is born full term this hole closes up. In a preemie, this hole usually doesn’t close on it’s own, it’s a very common problem. To fix the problem they give her 1 shot every 24 hrs for 3 days. Monday around noon they gave her the first shot. By the evening the nurse listened for the murmur and couldn’t find it. They gave her the 2nd shot around noon Tuesday and again they tried to find the murmur and couldn’t. We as her parents think the 1st shot worked right away. But the nurses said it’s probably not likely. Today she had an ultrasound to see if the hole has closed along with her 3rd shot We have been told that the preliminary look at the test has is showing no hole!

She also had an ultrasound on her brain checking for hemorrhaging. (bleeding). There was no sign of any bleeding. She will have that test again soon, and I’m sure she will pass it as well.

She is doing a great job breathing! They took her off the oscillator type ventilator today and switched here to a regular ventilator. She handled the transition beautifully!

They started feeding her. Her belly is the size of a corn kernel, so it doesn’t take much milk to fill it up. My breast milk because, the quantity is so small is not providing her any nutrients she does however get the antibodies from the colostrum. Her nutrition and calories are delivered via IV.

Everyone that works with her thinks she is so awesome and they are just so happy with how she is thriving.
We have 2 major issues we need to avoid and pray over.
1) That she does not acquire an infection. There are so many ways she could get one so we need lots of prayer asking that God spares her that physical struggle.
2) That her digestive track does not have any issues. It very common for a preemie to get intestinal infections and or a perforated bowl. This could cause a surgery and big set back in her weight gain.

Thank you for all the well wishes and continued prayers


I also wanted to give you an update on how we are doing.

We are great! We really do not have any anxiety. We are so covered by the Lord’s peace and know she is being taken care so well. We trust our nurses and Dr.s 100%.

I am doing well. My legs are slowly coming back, I get very tired but I can walk on my own now. I still need to us my walker because me knees are so week it really helps with my stability. I have an appointment on Friday to get physical therapy prescribed and to see if I’m qualified to drive. I’m going to say probably not for another week but we’ll see what the assessment is.

Lot’s of love,

BJTO (Ben, Janelle, Taryn O.)

(I’m stealing that from a dear family friend. She signs everything with the 1st initial of each person in their family. I think it’s too cute so I’m adopting it for our family. Thanks for the idea BTSK!)


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  1. I always love seeing an update on my blogroll from you. Though I often know what it contains already, I just like seeing it again.



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