Dear Ben

Dear Ben,

God has blessed me beyond measure by giving me you. You have given so selflessly these past 10 months. You took care of me when we were going through the infertility process. You gave me shots, took me to numerous appointments, nursed me back to health after procedures, put up with my mood swings, grieved with me when the first cycle didn’t take, and rejoiced with me when we found out the 2nd cycle was a success. You did all this while working out of town.

During the pregnancy you came home every weekend with a smile on your face and the desire to continue to serve me. I was so sick and unable to do anything but lay around and sleep all day. Yet you never complained once, or made me feel guilty for not being my normal self. You never got a break, you worked 7 days a week for 10 weeks straight.

During my stay in the hospital…I don’t even have the words to describe how awesome you were. You did everything from shave my legs to getting me countless refills of water. But the most amazing thing is how much responsibility that dropped into your lap, and you just took it on and conquered it. You still went into work, came home to all the daily chores, demo’d the guest bathroom, painted it, and laid a new tile floor.

While I was on the Mag Sulfate during the days leading up to the delivery you had such a calming presence during a time were I felt like i was dying.

While I was laboring and during the delivery, again you were so strong. Your support and encouragement kept me going. I was so overwhelmed, and afraid yet you held back your emotions, stayed strong and took care of me.

My dear Husband, you were/are the ultimate example of how the Lord wants husbands to treat their wives. I am so excited to finally be home and feeling better each and every day so I can take care of you. The Lord worked through you so that I could feel His presence and hand on my body.

Thank you again for giving so much of yourself and staying strong. I love you with all my heart…get ready to be out-served! 🙂


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  1. I teared up when I read this. Ben is an amazing man. You and I are so lucky to have been given men like we have – they are going through something that only a handful will understand, and their strength surpasses all limitations. I thank the Lord, everyday for Anthony. I know you do the same for Ben. We are truly blessed.


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