Update on Taryn

Quick update

The doctors all told us that the first week was going to be rough and that she would do well e first few days but expect a major decline in her health. Well, the decline never happened! She did lose quite a bit of weight but as of Sunday she was back up to her birth weight. She is handling her feeds well and no sign of any intestinal problems. She has had 2 scans of her brain checking for bleeding and both times they came back negative. The Dr. said there is about 98% chance she will NOT develop any bleeding from here on out. The hole in her heart is closed, but they do continue to monitor it to make sure it does not open up. There has been no sign of infection yet.

The big hurdle is her breathing. She is currently on an oscillator ventilator. Being on a ventilator is a necessary evil. She needs it to breath but, they don’t want her to be on it for too long. The ventilators help her to breath but over time they cause the sacks in the lungs to get very irritated. Her lungs are very immature, so she is spending a little extra time on the ventilator. To help her along the Dr. is contemplating giving her a course of steroids to help her lungs mature faster. Keep in mind, this is all very normal, and common for a baby of her age.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our little Taryn.

Please pray for her lungs. Pray that they are able to mature on their own over the next few days so we can avoid the steroid treatment.

Also, please pray that she is able to avoid any type of infection. As soon as they are able to get all her IV lines out of her belly button, and the breathing tube out of her throat the less chance she has of getting an infection.

Lots of love,


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  1. In the name of Jesus, I pray that Taryn’s little lungs become strong and able to function without the need for steroids. Lord, you know the needs of this little girl and of this family, and I ask that you cover them all with your love, your grace and your power. And Lord, especially when Janelle or Ben cannot literally be with their little baby I ask for you to make your presence known to Taryn so that she never feels alone and isolated. I ask for you to continue to help her develop and grow and I ask for continual healing on a physical, mental, emotional, cognitive and spiritual level. I ask these things in your name, Lord. Amen. With love, from all the Perry/Spiro’s.


  2. They gave hunter steroids for his hand…..they know what they’re doing! I’m already so proud of her


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