Taryn’s Lungs

Well, Miss Taryn’s lungs needed the extra help. She has been requiring about 50% oxygen (we breath 21%) and last night she was up to 100%. So our Dr. decided that it was necessary to start her on a course of steroids to hopefully help her lungs develop. There are risks involved, but the benefits of the steroids at this point out weigh those risks.

They say this journey is lots of ups and downs, and this is really our first major down. Please keep her in your prayers and pray the steroids give her lungs the boost they need to mature so she can get off the ventilator. Also, please pray for Ben and I that we keep our eyes on the Lord and seek His comfort through this.



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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated BJTO, Jerome and I are still praying for Taryn and you as a family. Keep up the faith and know that we love you, and God loves you too.


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