Our Daughter is Feisty

We went to visit Taryn this evening around 8pm. While we were there it was time to weigh her and flip her from her tummy to her back. All the activity woke her up, and she opened her eyes for us! This was the first time we saw her little eyes!

Today around noon marked the 24hr point since they started her on the steroids for her lungs. There wasn’t much of a change during the day, but while we were there she came down on her oxygen from about 75% to 55%! Yea!!!! Hopefully she will maintain that tonight or continually decrease. We want to see that number only go down! Otherwise all her other systems are working well.

My little girl is feisty. All the nurses know this and get a kick out of it. She HATES when her diaper is dirty! She throws a fit which in turn activates her monitors and throws on the red alert light and beeping to tell her nurse to change the diaper. :). This is good to know, I will start buying diapers now, cuz apparently I will be changing her frequently. She is such a squirmy worm that they put a blanket over her body to help her feel like she has boundaries so she can relax more. But, she was like that in utero always busy. If she gets to squirmy they have to increase the narcotic she is on to relax her. (Because she is on a ventilator they have to sedate her.). She also likes to grab hold of her breathing tube. And she has figured out that if she grips it just so and turns her head she can almost pull the breathing tube out…however her nurses are a bit quicker than she is so they’ve been able to stop her. Tonight right before we were going to leave, she grabbed hold of her feeding tube and started to yank on it. I had to quickly pry it out of her fingers and move it out of reach. This child is going to give me a run for my money I can already feel it. :).

Tonights visit was just what Ben and I needed. The last couple of days have been a bit rough. It was nice to see her make some progress while we were there.

I’ve attached some picts of her from tonight. They aren’t really great as I took them with my phone and the light was low.
>The respiratory therapist is holding her in one of the Picts, so it will give you a good idea of how small she is.
>In the other picts it looks like i’m squishing her head, but I’m not. Preemies like to feel boundaries, it soothes them. Notice her little hand with long fingers holding my finger. Not sure if you can see it very well, but while she was holding my finger tip she was squeezing it so hard her finger tips turned white!


On July 4th a woman was admitted into LDR. A few days later she delivered twins, a boy and girl. They were close to the same age as Taryn. A few days ago as Ben and were scrubbing in, the dad walked into the NICU and I asked how his babies were. He informed us their son had passed away. Today when we walked in their daughter who was across from Taryn was not there, she passed away today. I don’t know the parents names or the names of their babies, but I’d like to ask you to say a prayer for this family. I can’t imagine, and pray I will never know what it is like to loose your child. This family is on our hearts, and since we are so blessed by your prayerfulness I want to share some of it with them. Thank you in advance.



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  1. Wow…amazing! She looks so incredibly AWARE! She is already so far advanced of whatever we consider “Normal,” and will be fascinating to watch as she teaches us ALL some profound life lessons. I hope you will print this blog and the photos and keep a hard copy book for Taryn to see when she is able to read. She truly is a miracle child!

    My heart goes out to the parents who lost their twins! They are in my prayers as well as Taryn, you and Ben!


  2. oh she is such a wee little bird. I so look forward to watching her grow in body and spirit.

    Meditations for all of peace and health.


  3. Janelle & Ben:

    Thanks for the pictures, she is adorable, but very small as all premies are.

    It was so sad to hear about those other parents who lost both of their twins. It must be unbearable, especially if you don’t know the LORD.

    We pray for Taryn every night before dinner. Thank you for keeping us posted on her progress. She is going to be a active child, get ready to keep on your toes.

    Love you,
    Aunt Diana & Uncle Paul


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