Update on Taryn

Yes. I know…I haven’t posted anything substantial lately.  Trying to find a balance in this new way of life is tough some times.      

Miss Taryn

Brain – Still no sign of bleeding!  🙂
Heart – Hole has closed up 🙂
Feeding – She is getting breast milk fortified with 4 extra calories, for a total of 24 calories, of special formula for preemies.  This allows them to increase her calories without adding extra liquid to her little body.  They are doing what is called a continuous Feed.  She likes being fed this way, has her tummy is always full.
Lungs – She was started on steroids to help her lungs mature, today they took her off the oscillator and switched her to a conventional ventilator.  She seems so far to be handling the change well.  If you recall they tried this once before and she didn’t like it so the put her back on the oscillator.  Hopefully this time around along with the steroid treatment she will be able to tolerate this change permanently.  The nurses and respiratory therapist have assured us that this is all normal for a micro preemie.  The lungs are the last to mature in utero, so they take the longest to mature when they are born this early.
Infections – She did come down with an infection.  So they started her on 2 antibiotics on Sunday.  This is normal and expected.  The course of treatment is antibiotics for 10 days.
Umbilical Lines – Definition: Long, thin, plastic tubes that travel from the stump of a newborn baby’s umbilical cord into the large vessels near the heart. They may travel through the umbilical vein (umbilical vein catheter or UVC) or through one of the two umbilical arteries (umbilical artery catheter or UAC). Once placed, umbilical artery catheters can be used to painlessly draw blood from a baby or to continuously monitor a baby’s blood pressure. Umbilical vein catheters can deliver fluid or medications to a baby without the need for repeated peripheral IV placements.
-They removed the lines from her belly button on Sunday.  They can only stay in for 14 days, because of the risk for infection – hence the reason she is on antibiotics. 
Picc Line – They have added a Picc Line to one of her arms.  This is an intravenous line that is inserted into a vein, often in the arm which allows use for a larger vein. This is normally used to deliver nutrients and medicines that would otherwise irritate smaller veins.      


IV – She also has an IV in her other arm because she is receiving the antibiotics via IV.
Arterial Catheter – An arterial catheter is a thin, hollow tube that is placed into an artery (large blood vessel) in the wrist, groin, or other location to measure blood pressure more accurately than is possible with a blood pressure cuff.  This is often called an “art line” in the intensive care unit (ICU).  The catheter can also be used to get repeated blood samples when it is necessary to frequently measure the levels of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in the bloodstream.  They tried about 4 different times with 2 different Drs to get this line in.  Dr. E was finally successful yesterday, but she is so tiny that they were not able to get a reading from this line or draw blood from it so they removed.  Which unfortunately means they have to do heal sticks when they need to draw blood.  😦  Poor little girl.      

The Picc Line is on her left arm, the IV line is on her right arm, and the Arterial Cath is on her right leg.


Pictures of Taryn

Mommy & Daddy holding our little girl



Mom & Dad spending time w/ the little girl before I left the hospital for the 1st time in 42 days!





Taryn holding Daddy's wedding ring











Prayer Requests

  1. Miss Taryn’s lungs are very immature, and we need them to respond positivley to the steroid treatment and mature so she can get off the ventilators. 
  2. That the antibiotics kill the infection completely.
  3. For continued overall progress.  We have been very blessed with few set-backs so far.



3 Replies to “Update on Taryn”

  1. Hello, from your uncle Paul, it looks like Taryn is coming along just fine. She is coming into this world at her own pace and time. I think the Lord has something special for her to accomplish.

    Blessings on you and Ben.

    Love, Paul & Diana


  2. Precious baby and mom and dad! Thanks so much for the update and pictures.
    We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love and hugs!
    Sue and Doug


  3. Dear Janelle & husband,

    I sent a reply to my only 1st cousin (your grandmother) Dolly
    My dtr Catherine was fed with tubes etc, & small.
    My great grand m. sister was only 1.lb no oz. born in 1866
    she was kept alive & cared for in a little shoe box by the fire,
    by her sisters, as my grt,grt grnd mother died. she lived to be very old & i wrote to her dtr, many yrs ago. Her dtr lived to 102! I love to see the encouragement. My Catherine just turned 48, she’s your cousin too! thanks for putting such wonderful pictures & info on comp. Cousin – Shirley


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