Prayer for Taryn’s lungs

Tayrn’s lung development continues to be a struggle.

On Tuesday they tried switching Taryn to the C-PAP machine and she did well for a couple of hrs but after 10 hrs they moved her back to the Oscillator Vent. Yesterday she did well on that vent but over night she declined and was requiring 100% oxygen and an increase in some other settings. So, they are going to change her to the conventional vent shortly and hopefully we will see an improvement.

Her blood sugar has also been a struggle. She keeps fluctuating and needing insulin.

Lots of prayer is needed for her right now. Her poor little lungs are struggling and she really needs a breakthrough as far as their development. So, if you can please keep her in your prayers we would really appreciate it.

And if you could also pray for Ben and I. As the stress builds, life gets a bit more rough and we could use some peace and comfort as only the Lord can provide.

Thank you


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  1. Gonna need to put on my kneepads for all the prayers I’m saying for you guys! 🙂 Keep the faith and hold only positive thoughts!! Thoughts are energy, and we only want positive energy around Taryn and you and Ben. No matter what trials you face, if you hold unconditional love in your hearts and minds, you will be comforted, and you will transfer that comforting and positive energy to all who are around you. Know that Taryn is loved and that she is filled with God’s breath of life and healing and growing energy. Keep nurturing her and caring for her like you would a delicate and precious new seedling, and she will continue to grow stronger every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Peace and Love, Colette


  2. If you need yo talk, please know you can call any time. Ben, too. You three are always in our prayers, but it seems some specifics are needed. I will ask my church to pray for her, too. Hang in there, Mama. We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.


  3. Always in my thoughts and meditations. They say these trials make a marriage stronger – yours will be one of steel.


  4. You got it… Prayers for all, including you, Janelle. I know that you all will keep the faith, but it is nice to know that others have your back and you have a lot of people rooting for your family. May you feel the love of God today, especially. My best to your parents, as well.


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