Hard Work…pays off!

It really is so comforting to know, as soon as I am able to post a request for prayer or send out emails, or text messages the army is ready. Thank you all for your constant support.

Taryn had a rough Wednesday night, which prompted the last post. But, our little munchkin worked hard all day Thursday with the help of her nurse and respiratory therapist to get back on track. They decided to keep her on the oscillator vent, and she improved her settings and the amount of O2 she was requiring throughout the course of her day. Her nurse wrapped her up like a baby burrito, and just let her be so she could rest as much as possible. They also are giving her breathing treatments, which will hopefully help her little lungs. Her glucose tests have been coming back within the normal range so she is not currently on any insulin.

There is no doubt in my mind, this girl is a fighter…She has big plans for this world!



3 Replies to “Hard Work…pays off!”

  1. She is sooo adorable and I love all the pics you’ve been posting! She is such a strong little one! we are all here for you 100%!!!!


  2. Our family alone is one army LOL….she is so strong….just like her Mamma and Auntie..I’m glad she’s getting stronger and stronger. I can’t wait to hold her and give her chocolate LOL!


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