Teeny Tiny Preemie Steps

Taryn is making teeny tiny preemie steps to breathing better. 😉 So far since they put her back on the oscillator vent every report we have received has been good. Dr. B said she was happy with her improvements and thinks she is doing a good job. Mom would be happier if she was home, but that’s another story. So, I will take the teeny tiny preemie steps of her getting better! She is also doing a much better job at managing her blood sugar, and hasn’t required any insulin the last few days.

Today was a great day! This was the first day I realized she noticed we were there! I haven’t touched her much this week because we wanted to disturb her as little as possible. When we got there the nurse said it was ok so I opened the doors to her home and said hi. She opened her eyes and once I started to to touch her, her oxygen saturation went up. (this is a good thing). It was so awesome! She knows I’m there!!!!!!!!! And, I make her calm and happy!!!!!

I was just talking to a friend yesterday who has been down the same road and happens to be a NICU nurse about how I just don’t believe that she knows who i am or can tell the difference btwn me or her nurses. She assured me Taryn could, because it has been proven to her time and time again. I still didn’t believe her. (because I’m me, and I need proof). Well I’ve been talking to God about this too among other struggles and today, he gave me a great gift. It’s hard to bond with your baby when they are enclosed in a plastic box. I held her yes, but not the same private way regular moms get to hold their babies. And when you look at a sleeping baby it is different than looking into their face when their eyes are open. I know she can not see me, but I now know she knows when her mommy is there!

Thank you Lord for giving us exactly what we need when we need it.


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  1. Janelle, Your talent of writing and the faith that has been given you will help many parents that step into a similar situation. Celebrating with you and praising Him…Love Jeanie


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