Thank you so much for everyone’s love and dedication to praying for our little girl. Today sucked. And I NEVER want to hear those words again. I can’t even write them or repeat them. Ben and I spent the day with her and she has improved since this morning. One thing for sure she seems to know when I’m there. I know I’m not making this up because even the respiratory therapist noticed her oxygen saturation would get better as I talked to her. :). Before we left Dr. B came back in and checked on her and was very pleased with the progress she made today.

Anyhow, she is still in critical condition but doing much better. She has a long way to go with her lungs. The doctor thinks she will be on the ventilator for another month at least. We also are working on fattening this little girl up! She needs to grow and gain weight so she can grow lung tissue and get past all this mess.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Thank you,
Love, BJTO


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  1. Praise God! We are so thrilled to hear this! So glad that you are able to be with Taryn; your presence is definitely helping and there is so much research to back up your subjective experience. Your attachment to her and your physical contact literally affects all the neurotransmitters in her brain, and has a calming effect on her heart and respiratory systeym. In essence, Love reigns supreme, and Love is God… Your bond acts as a direct conduit and facilitates the connection like a continuous feedback loop from mother to daughter. Ask the nurses if you can be with her as much as possible, as long as it doesn’t stress either of you out or lead to fatigue. You continue to have our prayers! Amen.


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