We Serve an Awesome God

People!  There is a God!! 

For those of you looking at Our Journey in Faith, trying to make sense of it… trying to understand why if there is a God and we are His followers why this is happening to us.  We live in a fallen world, a world full of sin.  Bad things happen all the time, but God can overcome sin and satan.  God is omnipotent, the ultimate physician!  There was no coincidence that as soon as we asked for prayer that Taryn’s health started to turn around today.  That doesn’t mean God only works when we pray, but it means that God is hearing our prayers and responding to them.  Ben and I know there is a reason why we are going through all this.  We haven’t figured it all out yet and there will always be some unanswered questions.  But, we know God is touching lives of unbelievers.  He is using our story to bring people to HIM.  And if we have to go through this so that lives will be won for the Lord I’m OK with that.  We have seen HIS work taking place, and we are in awe.  He has placed people in our path who have walked it or are currently walking it and are believers to support us.  He has given us nurses who are believers.  God is amazing people!

This evening when we went back to the NICU to visit we were told by our nurse and Respiratory Therapist, (RT) that someone, (with a last name we did not recognize) left us flowers and a card.  We looked at the nurse and RT confused.  They then said, you know the twins that were across from Taryn who passed.  See, we have never met their parents.  I’ve said hi to the dad but we never exchanged names or shook hands or looked at each others babies, or compared situations.  This family is the family I asked all of you to pray for.  This family gave us flowers and card today offering their help and letting us know they are praying for us.  It blew us away, we both cried when we read the card.  I mean this couple lost their two precious babies and they were reaching out to us and giving us comfort. 

This is what it is about.  Serving others as Christ would.  I say it a lot.  But, knowing I can ask for prayer and everyone then asks their friends and family to pray…is absolutly so amazingly comforting.  We have been in a very critical place since May 25th and everyone is still consistently and lovingly praying for us!  It is a very humbling experience, to know we are this supported and loved by our brothers and sisters in Christ.  So, thank you from the depths of our hearts for praying for our little girl and us.  I so wish there was some way to do something or say something more meaningful than thank you but please know your prayer for our family means the world to us.


PS: When we went to see Taryn this evening she was still doing well and was pretty much as she was this afternoon when I posted my last post.


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  1. Dear Ben and Janelle, Just wanted you to know yesterday I sent Peter and Judy Demetris a note to let them know what was going on. Our yearly gathering started up in Seattle Thursday evening and Judy told me they all lifted Taryn up in prayer. As you know the Lord dwells within you and you will continue to see His work in all situations. We Love you Jeanie and Jack


  2. We love you and will continue to lift Taryn & you all in prayer. Janelle you are a beautiful testimony of our Father’s love! May The Father’s Peace and Strength be manifested in You and Ben and your extended family through this time.
    Your family in Renton, WA


  3. Janelle and Ben – This is Pastor Fred. You know and are experiencing God’s amazing grace. Not only am I part time Care Pastor here at Rocky Peak but I am also chaplain at Kaiser Woodland Hills. Over the 17 years I’ve been at Kaiser I have seen so many beautiful miracles of Gods grace and mercy in the NICU. Baby Taryn is truley in the palms of Gods handshands and His love for her is beyond understanding. Please know I am available and be assured of my love and prayers. Because Jesus loves you, PF


  4. God bless all three of you in a mighty way. We pray for Taryn everyday and throughout the day. God is mighty in all He does. We are all trusting He will continue to give you guys strength as His power keeps and helps Taryn move in the right direction to be a healthy baby that you will be able to bring home.


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