It seems Miss Taryn has turned this corner! 🙂

-She has responded to the antibiotics
-Her ventilator settings are getting turned down little by little
-They have increased her feeds and she continues to tolerate them
-Her blood sugar has been stable
-She is tolerating her care better. Any time the nurses needed to touch her or adjust her it would take her an hour or more to settle down and they would have to increase her oxygen to help her get stable. Now, it only takes her a few min if at all for her to recover. I was even able to touch her today! It’s been quite a few days since I’ve been able to touch her because we wanted to disturb her as little as possible.
-She weighs about 1 lb 9 oz, her head is bigger and she is around 13 inch long

It’s very frustrating because we celebrate all these improvements yet, we still are far from her not being considered critical. I am done with that status. I’m ready for her to be off the ventilator, gaining weight, and at a point where I can hold her every day. Being a parent of a micro preemie sucks.


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  1. 1 – 9!!! That is great!!!

    I totally hear ya, tho. “Critical” is the last thing we want our little ones to be classified as. I had a breakdown today for no reason. Just cause this is hard and so few people understand just how hard it is. No amount of good news or small improvements fill this whole we have in our lives. The only thing that will fill it is bringing our healthy babies home, and the waiting game is nothing less than torture. Hang in there, hon. We can do this. God is on our side and he has big plans for our little girls. Before you know it, Abby and Taryn will be in dance class together and we’ll be cheering them on from the audience. Breathe and remember that patience is a virtue… not one I really have myself… but you know… I’ve heard it’s a virtue. 😉


  2. Praising God for this good report and asking Him to manifest his strength in your weakness today in mighty ways. For His glory, Amen.


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