Weight Gain

The little girl has a bottom! Since she was born at 1lb 4oz she had zero fat on her and when her diaper would get changed all you could see was her butt bones. Now, because she HAS GAINED WEIGHT…she weighs 1lb 15oz, she actually has a bottom!!!!! Her legs have fat on them, her arms have fat on them, she has fat on her back so her ribs aren’t as prominent…she is just finally getting some chunk on her! 🙂

She is still on the ventilator, but they moved her to the conventional vent today, and hopefully…please pray about this…hopefully she tolerates it this time around, because if she does and is having a good day I will get to hold her tomorrow! It has been 3 weeks since I’ve held her last and I am LONG overdue. As of today I have only held my daughter 1 (one) time, and kissed her 1 (one) time. That is just wrong and not normal. So please pray that she is able to stay on this vent and progress to the CPAP and stay off the oscillator so I can start to hold her on a regular basis. And daddy….because daddy needs to hold his little girl too. 😉

Last night, (Wed.) we sat down with her 3 doctors her “favorite” nurse and a few others to talk over the past almost 6 weeks and what the plan, (if you can really have one in the NICU) will be for her. The first thing is to keep her growing and putting on weight. Then, of course to get her off the vent. Once she weighs 1000 grams, (thats about 2lb 3oz) they are going to start her on her second course of steroids for her lungs. That should give her the boost she needs to come off the vent and onto the CPAP. To help with her weight, I have started to take omega 3,6,&9 in addition to my prenatal and extra calcium and vitamin D. This will all help increase the fat content in my milk. Since I produce way more than her little body needs right now (about 20-25 oz a day, she only consumes 5 oz a day) I have been freezing my milk. Once breast milk is frozen and defrosted it looses some of it’s nutrients. So now, I will be bringing in fresh milk each day so she can get 100% of the benefits and freeze the excess. Then when she is older and it’s less critical for her to get the fresh milk she can use the frozen.

She is still in a critical place, but we are so happy to see her little victories!
– Please continue to pray for growth and weight gain and that her digestive track continues to tolerate it all.
– Pray for her lungs, they need some serious growth and healing. Pray the steroids give her the boost she needs and causes no long term damage. We really want her to get off the ventilator!
– Pray for our sanity, and peace. Everyday brings on new emotions and depending on the energy level you have, that dictates how well you can cope. So please keep Ben and I in your prayers as well.

Thank you!


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  1. Janelle and Ben, Thanks for the up-date. We were so happy to hear the latest news and continue to pray for you and Ben to be filled with energy and His peace. We Love you and once again thank you for keeping us posted of sweet little Taryn. Love Jack and Jeanie


  2. Soooo exciting! I can’t wait to hold and kiss her! I can’t even imagine what you’re going through! Stay strong you guys you’re doing awesome! Love you all!


  3. Hi Janelle and Ben –
    I stopped by the hospital and saw your little sweetheart.
    I’m sorry I missed seeing you.
    Remember you’re surrounded with prayer and through God’s grace and mercy He’ll see little Taryn through this.
    Praise God for the good progress.
    Keep looking up and draw your strength from the one who loves you with an everlasting love.
    Because of Jesus, PF


  4. Yea for the Benson Booty! LOL
    We continue to pray for you and your family. We won’t stop until Taryn is home and safe. We love you.


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