Calling all our wonderful prayer warriors!

Today, Taryn had the most wonderful blood gas! (this is a blood test to tell them how she is doing with her breathing). Her RT, was so excited she told all the other nurses in the NICU…and I’m sure if there wasn’t a thing called HIPA she’d tell the random person in the hall. 🙂

She also had another chest x-Ray and while her lungs still look crapy, and apparently will till about age 4, they looked dryer than they have.(this is a good thing) So, even though she isn’t 1000 grams…she was started on the steroids today!

These steroids will help reduce inflammation, and give her lungs a good boost. The goal is to get her off this ventilator sometime around this Sunday or Monday. The last time they tried, it only lasted i think for about 10 hrs. When they take her off the vent they will put her on a CPAP. Very similar to what people wear for sleep apnea.

It’s weird because I don’t spend that much time with her compared to her nurses, but…I feel like she is done with the ventilator. She is normally a wiggle worm, but the last few days she has been very intent on pulling on her breathing tube. She is much more alert and spending more time with her eyes open. There is just something about her that makes me feel like she is done with that tube in her body. Hopefully I’m right, and this whole process is successful.

Sooo, please keep her in you prayers. Pray that this course of steroids is effective.


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