And we are making bits of progress

She had a good day. They were able to ween her o2 down to 90%! And she’s sat-ing in the mid 80’s. They have her sedated to give her rest and keep her calm since she is back on the oscillator vent.

Tomorrow they are going to insert a different type of feeding tube. The current tube is inserted in her nose, goes down her throat and rests in her belly. This new tube will follow the same path but will be inserted further into her lower intestine. One the things that kinda started this whole thing off was that she had a little reflux and aspirated on the milk. So by moving the tube into her lower intestine her belly won’t get full and she won’t be able to spit it back up.

Other than that she is making tiny micro preemie steps in the right direct on Taryn’s terms. All I keep thinking is…”oh man, she’s gonna be a stinker”! And I have a feeling her favorite word will be “no”. :). But oh do I just love her!! I can’t wait to bring her home and cuddle and kiss her up!


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  1. so happy to hear! We are thankful for her progress. Mark and I have been asking people for prayer. Tonight our Jewish believers in Jesus had a Rosh Hashanah type service and we were invited, too, so we toasted to the Jewish New Year and prayed that Taryn would have a sweet new year, too! God is good.


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