Bye bye infection!

1 week makes all the difference! The infection has been kicked and she is actually waking up during the day instead of sleeping all day due to exhaustion. She is requiring high – mid 60’s of oxygen and she sat’s in the high 80’s. (all good).

As of tonight she weighs 1350 grams. 10 more grams and she’ll be 3 lbs!!!!!!

*sigh* I can finally go back to day dreaming of her being home with us. Being able to give her baths, rock her, feed her, cuddle with her WHENEVER I WANT, sleep with her in our room. Just simply being a family of 3 all under one roof! We are going to start her room this week. We have walls to paint, carpet to clean, drapes to hang and a crib to assemble. Her dresser and rocking chair won’t be here till mid-late October, but that’s fine because she won’t be coming home till (I think) early November. The doctors haven’t made any predictions because, well, lets face it, the munchkin likes to throw curve balls so predicting when she’ll go home is a little hard.

I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and I can hardly wait till my house starts filling up with things that say “a baby lives here!”. Just thinking about all the stuff it takes to take care of a baby makes me squirm with delight! :). I was able to hold her today for about an hr. Usually I hold her on my chest skin-to-skin. But today I held her in arms so i could stare at her. And it was all those things I mentioned above that I was able to think about while I stared at her cute little face. Hmmm…I sure hope this weight gain into the 3 lbs club really helps her lung development and she is able to successfully stay off the vent and move along in her development. She is 73 days / 10 weeks old, 35 weeks gestation. We are exactly 10 days away from when Taryn’s NICU buddy went home, and we are no where close. But, that’s OK. We will get there. We’ll have our day with our own pictures of Taryn and I being wheeled to the car in a wheelchair to go home.

Thank you for praying for Taryn. We really appreciate the love and dedication you have shown to our family.


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  1. So happy to hear! Taryn looks so much like both of you! I can see both sides of the family in her.. Usually the baby resembles more of one side or the other, but she has both of her parents looks. What a beautiful baby you have, there, Janelle and Ben! We prayed for her in our prayer group last night, as we do every Tuesday evening. Of course, we pray for her daily as a family. Mark asked me almost everyday, “How’s Taryn?” I am so pleased to give him this praise report! Love, All the Spiro’s.


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