Curve Ball

True to form, plans have changed!

On Monday they did a sputum culture because when they suctioned her the mucus that they suctioned was a little not normal. So…today they started her on antibiotics just to be safe. Because she has a breathing tube in her and it’s plastic, bacteria LOVE plastic so she is susceptible to infection. They are going to watch her vent settings over the night and as long as they stay the same or get better she will be extubated.

Last night her nurses moved her into a big girl bed and into a different “pod”. She is now at letter G. They also gave her a full tub bath to make her feel all clean and yummy since she was moving beds.


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  1. I LOVE Good Night Moon! What a great book to read to Little Munch! Yea for the big girl bed and the bath. Still keeping here in our prayers.


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