Update on Taryn

Hey everyone. Here is the scoop on the last 24 hrs.

Yesterday they decided to extubate her and try the CPAP again. I held her around 2pm and she wasn’t in the mood. She just wanted to lay in her bed and watch her mobile.

Last night her O2 saturation was low and she wasn’t recovering as quickly. It’s normal for her to dip down in her saturation but she usually recovers quickly. (Meaning we usually have like 95-100% oxygen saturation. Because she is a preemie it’s not good for her levels to be that high as it could damage her eyes.)

This morning she was having the same issues so they decided she needed to be reintubated. They had a hard time this time reintubating which is what caused her to decline. It was pretty much like you see on tv. They had to give her injections to keep her heart going, when that didn’t help they had to shock her with the paddles 2x. Thank the Lord all this took place while I was frantically driving to the hospital because there is no way I could have seen any of that.

She has stabilized. Her vent settings are high. (The settings I’m referring to are 4 different things. 1) is how much oxygen she is receiving 2) is the rate, meaning how many breaths per min. 3) is the pressure or force of air it takes to keep the lungs constantly inflated and 4) is the pressure or force of air that is being delivered with each breath.) She is requiring 100&% O2 and the saturation of oxygen in her blood is in an OK range considering what she went through. Her saturation has been increasing little by little as the day goes on.

This whole episode lasted about 20 min. Which brings us now to a place of an increased risk of additional health problems. Like mental retardation, cerebral palsy just to name a couple. But of course we won’t know if she will have any of these issues till she is older, around a year and a half.

The plan:
She is going to stay on the vent till she is at least full term and her requirement for breathing assistance comes waayyyy down. We are going to stop “pushing” her and just let her be and grow at her own pace.

We are truly blessed by the NICU staff. These people are amazing and care so deeply for Taryn.

Thank you for your prayers! And keep them coming because we need them badly!



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  1. You said it best …at Her own pace! Thank you for taking the time to let us all know what’s Going on! We love you all!


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