Another stressful day

Well kids it was another draining day. Taryn has ANOTHER infection. Being on the vent makes her so very susceptible to them. She also had her eye appointment and the ROP progressed, so she had the laser surgery to correct it. She will be rechecked next Monday and hopefully there will be no progression. And, the possibility of a Lung transplant was thrown into the mix today as well. Children’s hospital was contacted today and the transplant team is going to review her history, and get back to us.

I am so very overwhelmed and tired. I’m ready to be past all this. This time I’m really ready to be past it all.

Please continue to prayer for our family and a miraculous healing of Taryn’s lungs.


2 Replies to “Another stressful day”

  1. I pray every day for the Wee One. A friend of mine who was diagnosed with leukemia at the same time he and his partner with blessed with the adoption of a baby boy lived under the motto of “You have to go through it to get past it”.

    You and Ben can not skip this part of the journey. This is part of the plan, My Nellie.

    Love you, Miss you


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