To keep you in the loop.

Taryn’s vent settings are high again due to infection. She is requiring 100% oxygen and trying really hard to keep her oxygen saturation in the mid 80’s.

We have decided that once she gets over this infection and starts to stabilize we are going to be transferring her to Childrens Hospital. We (her Dr.’s and nurses) all think she has reached a point where she needs to be moved to a hospital where there are specialists and every medical advantage available to her.

It’s a tough pill to swallow. It is going to mean a lot of changes for Ben and I. And a lot of us learning to trust her doctors and nurses all over again.

Please pray Taryn can get past this infection and stabilize so we can get her to Childrens soon.

Please pray for strength for us too.



3 Replies to “Transfer”

  1. praying, janelle. Our life long family friend, Nancy McKeon is a NICU nurse at Children’s. I will give her a heads up that you guys may be headed that way soon. She is wonderful and hope will be able to make you all feel a little more comfortable with the transfer. It was so great to be able to see you the other day. You are loved. Prayers for strength and peace in this horribly difficult time. hang in there.


  2. Oh Janelle . . . I pray for little Taryn and your family every day! FYI – Becky McGuire’s little sis is a nurse at Children’s. She’s also a prayer warrior and we could ask her to look out for you guys! Praying ………….


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