We went to my parents for dinner and was called right when we sat down by the NICU. She started desat-ing. They had to bag her again, and they put her on the oscillator. Her oxygen saturation is very low in the 60’s.

I want you all to know we aren’t giving up on Taryn. But, we have given her to the Lord. We want only his will for her life. I don’t know if we are going to lose her or if God is going to spare her life. I am praying for life.

So we sit here bedside watching over our baby and praying over her.


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  1. Janelle we continue to pray for you all daily. Dave and I can’t imagine what this must be like for you and Ben, but we do know what it is to be a NICU parent. …the constant worry, loss of control as a parent, sleepless nights.

    You both are two of the strongest parents I have ever met! I can’t think of a time where I have seen witness to the Lord so strong. Your strength and every breath is physical proof of his being! As he carries you now through this darkest of times you almost hover in front of us in faith. As a parent I know that your strength can ONLY be because of Him…because He lifts you up….because He carries you now. Without Him anyone else would have crumbled into a million pieces by now with all you’ve been through. Hold strong to Him!

    You are an amazing Mom! And Ben an amazing Dad! And God is our amazing Father! And through Him all things are possible… Even strength in a time where there would be none.

    I think you should know that you both have been an example to us all. Your faith has truely been witness to God. Love in Christ,
    Tara, Dave, & Cade


  2. We love you…we pray for life too, but understand how powerful feeling powerless is. Xoxo prayers, hugs and love … Steve and Cindy


  3. Janelle I Love You and am praying constantly for all of you. Angel Kisses for Taryn!! We are here for you when you need us… all our love and support, Auntie Karen and Uncle Jim


  4. We continue to pray for life, as well. We also acknowledge that the Lord may have other plans for little baby Taryn… Yet, we continue to pray that your baby will be spared any further suffering and also obtain a complete healing. We ask for a miracle for baby Taryn. In His name, we pray. Amen.


  5. Praying for life but giving her to the Lord- a good plan, I think.


    For all of you.

    From Darci’s sister.


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