**Please be in prayer

Dear family.

We are making our way to the hospital now with our family. We have met with her doctors we have gathered in prayer. There is a medication that she needs to get off so she can eat and grow but this med has also been necessary to keep her alive. We are going to stop this med, and God is going to do the rest.

Please pray with us. Pray for this miracle we so desperately want.

Pray for our strength.


16 Replies to “**Please be in prayer”

  1. Dear God, Please hold Taryn, Ben and Janelle in your loving embrace and show us the answer we are all waiting for you to share with us and we promise to praise you always no matter where the journey takes us. Amen


  2. I have been praying for Taryn all week. I am so thankful that you have handed her over to the Lord. He can perform miracles or peacefully bring her home. I truly admire your courage and grace during this incredibly difficult time. Just know that we are thinking of your family. May God wrap his arms around you. Thank you so much for keeping us all so informed. You will continue to be in our prayers.


  3. We are standing with you in Prayer!!
    Love to all your Family!

    Heavenly Father we give you Taryn…She is your precious daughter. You are the Great Physican, we ask that you hold Taryn in your precious arms and let your most perfect will be done. We thank you and Praise you for your love and abounding Grace!


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