The med we stopped was to make her not move. This is working her way out of her system. She is starting to move. Her o2 saturation has decreased to 84.

Keep praying she can get through this.


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  1. So many praying through this afternoon and evening. Holding up all up tonight as the hours pass and we wait together though apart. Praying for patience, peace, strength, healing, courage. Knowing He is Mighty, Powerful, Present, Loving, Gracious, and so much more. Taryn and your family are greatly loved.


  2. Janelle and Ben, you were chosen for a reason…Taryn chose you…God chose you……praying and praying! We love you and wish we could make everything better. xoxo


  3. As I am holding Taryn in my prayers I’m also praying for your emotional and physical strength tonight…. sending love


  4. Janelle,
    Just found out about your family’s journey of faith from others on facebook….don’t know where I’ve been. Praying for you guys! God’s glory is on display in Taryn’s precious life. Praying for strength and encouragement for you tonight!!!


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