Taryn had a stable night, but we received a call early this morning that she needed to be manually bagged for about 30 min.

She has another infection in her lungs that she is being treated for now. It is a yeast infection.

This morning we talked to her nurse and the head neonate Dr at UCLA and Dr Mah the head at Los Robles want to sit down with us @ 1pm and talk.

Taryn is receiving the maximum support that medicine can provide. We are pleading with the Lord for clarity. We have told him that we can not make the decision to end her life. If his will is for her to go home he needs to work above and beyond medicine.

We ask that your prayers be for
1) a miraculous healing.
2) THE LORDS WILL BE DONE. That any decision we make will be God giving us the clarity to make that decision.
3) Strength and peace and hope for Ben and I


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  1. God, we lift up Taryn to you…please spare her from any additional pain. You are an amazing God and we surrender to your will because we honestly believe you have a perfect plan for Taryn.


  2. Although we don’t know you all personally, through some friends we have been connected to your family and your story. Please know that we are lifting you and sweet Taryn up to the Lord many times daily. God is so good, faithful, strong, loving, merciful, caring, comforting and able (Psalm 25:10). He will give you direction and He is holding your precious baby all the way through this (Psalm 91:15). From one mommy to another, my heart aches for you as I read what you’re going through and what you’re watching your baby endure. I pray that you will have clarity and peace and be able to see what God is working out in His plan for each of your lives. Much love to you all!


  3. Janelle and Ben, there are no words that I can say. My heart is breaking for you both and I will continue to pray for a miracle. We Love you all.


  4. Hi Janelle and Ben,
    I am baby Abby’s aunt (married to Anthony’s brother) and wanted you to know you have been and continue to be in my prayers. My heart aches for your family right now. Please know that He will carry you through. And you have more people in your corner than you know.


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