We stopped the Medicine @ 5:50

The Drs expected to see negative results in a few min.

It’s 7:13 and when we got here her sat was 70. She is now saturating at 91!

Keep praying people. Keep praying!!!!!


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  1. Praying hard, Nellie. Even though I’m not there in person, know that I’m there in heart and mind. Love you and the family very much!


    1. I am so glad we are rejoicing in God’s miracle! Tears of joy instead of tears of mourning. We will continue to pray.
      I prayed specifically last night that there would be miraculous healing to the point the doctors would not be able to explain.


  2. I am constantly amazed at your faith and strength. You and Ben have shown amazing grace. Taryn is a fighter, that is for sure.

    Hugs and Kisses


  3. She is definitely a fighter!!! She is stronger than we give her credit for. We will never stop praying! All our Love and Support to all of You!!!


  4. About 20 of us met for prayer at around 6: 30 pm. We prayed until 7:45 and raised up Taryn in prayer during this time. We talked about it three times: Update, prayer, postdiscussion. People ask about Taryn at church every week. We continue to pray that God will work a miracle as a testimony for the power of the Lord. Lord, heal this child with your power and your love, as only you can. Work in such a way that all the doctors and hospital personnel know that it is by the power of God that Taryn is alive and thriving. Lord have mercy on this baby and her parents. Heal Taryn, please, Lord. Give them all peace…


  5. I was lead to your blog by my sister-in-law Julie Delamarter. Count me as part of the every growing prayer team for your sweet miracle Taryn.

    May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.
    May the Lord make his face shine upon you,
    and be gracious to you.
    May the Lord lift up with countenance upon you

    The Lord of Heaven and Earth has your girl in the palm of his hand. Praise God for Taryn and for continued strength and healing.


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