Update 3

Dear family

No other words than to say God is speaking. He is hearing our prayers.

There is a waiting room that’s really quite with a couch that flattens into a single sized bed. So ben and I have been able to sleep.

Taryn is still doing well. Her sat dropped to 75 but she never has liked nighttime. So that doesn’t surprise me.

She is still here. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Thank you for praying please don’t stop.


19 Replies to “Update 3”

  1. Still praying …. Her path is set … Leaps of faith….. Tons of love
    Xoxo. She is a strong angel! Try to rest. šŸ™‚


  2. Wierd…. A sign….??? Ava woke up at about 3:55 this morning… Happy and calling out to us….. Right when you posted this 3rd post…at the same time! My angel is protecting yours… God is taking care of Taryn and Ava must have been there on some level! I believe in miracles….


  3. Janelle,
    I heard about your precious Taryn on facebook. I am praying for healing for Taryn and a peace that surpasses all understanding for you and Ben.


  4. That’s wonderful. Las night I actually prayed that you and Ben would get some sleep! There is nothing greater than seeing proof of Gods power! Keep going lol Taryn. Let’s shoot for sats in the mid to high 80%s and above today. Thanks for the updated Janelle.


  5. Jon and I are continuing to pray for our sweet Taryn.
    I so want to snuggle her!
    Grateful that you have been able to rest a bit.
    love you both!


  6. Are hearts are with you and Ben, Taryn is surrounded in Love and in the arms of our Lord. She Loves your voice and you will always remember that and both you and Ben will always remember her sweet face as she looks at you. Praying constantly for you, Auntie Karen


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