Kingdom Photography

Some of you were there for our wedding. 
Some of you were there for our daughter’s memorial service. 
Our Pastor, Neil Johnson was there, and officiated both.

Neil and his wife Lynn, they have become dear friends.  Neil. Takes AMAZING pictures.  We were so blessed that he and Lynn were able to come to the hospital to see Taryn and while there, he took the most beautiful and treasured pictures.  They were the ones on display at the memorial and I posted them here too.  The picture at the top of my blog…Neil’s.

So, Because I have attracted a few readers…I’m taking the opportunity to post about Kingdom Photography.

Kingdom Photography

Company Overview:
Kingdom Photography is ALL about Chasing the Light and capturing moments in time.

I have a heart to finance non-profit organizations through my photography so please know that when you buy a print from Kingdom Photography 50% of ALL net profits go to non-profit

To bring LIGHT to the world through Photography.

Photography Prints

If you are interested in Kingdom Photography you can find out more by going here!  And, when you go there, as a favor to me, please make sure you click the “like” button!


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