What Now?

…well today I suppose it’s lots of laundry.  And because I have a huge aversion to folding and putting it away, I revamped the look of my blog.  🙂

No but really…what now?  I have a bit of loose ends to tie up and some paperwork to fill out and file.  But, what the heck?  My life has been so consumed with getting up trying to just get the dishes done, going to the hospital, coming home, cooking dinner, going to bed…repeat.  Our life since December has revolved around a baby.  Now? It’s just us.  And, Ben is not working out-of-town.  It’s almost as if…we are finally able to be newlyweds!

I need to find something to keep me busy during the day.  I have some things in mind and will have to look into them to see if it is even possible.  But, I am sure I will figure it all out, and sleeping in will take care of some of the dead part of the day in the mean time!  🙂 

Ben and I…Out. Of. Shape.  So, today we are starting to work out together.  😐  I am back to my pre-baby weight, but that’s not saying much as I was way over weight when I started.  I have a contest going with my bestest.  We both have exactly the same amount to lose.  There really isn’t a prize at the end, but it’ll keep us on track and accountable.

Maybe I don’t need anything to do right now.  Maybe what I need is nothing for a bit.  Whatever IT is, I’ll just pray about it and when I’m ready God will reveal it to me.  His timing is always right on.


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    1. I can’t add a copyright to the pict….but I did give you props on my 2nd post. I’m gonna put up a post again giving you credit… 🙂


  1. Hi Nellie, Diana & I are almost home….another 4 hrs., thank you and Ben for hosting the dinners and games, we had blast and haven’t laughed that much in a long time. The lord has strange ways on bringing thee family together!

    Love you and Ben

    P.S. Ben seems like a great husband and is going to make a great dad. 🙂


  2. My stroller stride workout group is doing a “Keep the pounds off holiday challange”. Your write a check to stroller stride for $50. Weigh in by the 31st of October. Then weigh in again at the end of January. If you are the same or have lost weight they rip up your check. If you gain they cash the check and it get split among the people who did lose the weight. Let me know if you and Ben want in on it. Need to know asap though.


    1. Side thought to the contest. Apparently you need to come to Camarillo to weigh in. Oops, didn’t know that.


  3. So glad to hear you are still listening for Gods will and what HE wants for you right now…I, not knowing you but through the Clintons and Sakumas, really wants you to just chill and take a load off…My heart continues to ache for your loss, you and Ben and Taryn continue to touch Rita, Dave, Graig and Krista which pays it forward to me and my family. Thank you.


  4. I have an idea!!! Cause I get cabin fever. We should set up a time, once a week, to get together. Coffee, hanging out at home, going to a park… whatever. Abby and I would love to see you!!! Let me know.


  5. The most unfair thing about trying to diet when men are involved is that they tend to loose almost twice as fast as we women do!! Exercise is a good outlet for working out emotions but don’t exhaust yourself. You two need to have time to heal your bodies from the stress of the last few months. Allow yourself time…. Thinking about you daily. God Bless


  6. Janelle,

    When you’re in one of those funks try this…….

    Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [does not have to be out loud]
    Focus on taking deep breaths while singing the song
    You will have taken 4 or 5 deep breaths by the end…..

    It will give you a mind-break
    It will stop all the mind-chatter
    For about 30 seconds.

    It is refreshing just like a cool breeze on a hot day…..

    I still keep the candle burning

    XOXO Necia/Marie


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