Mail Carriers and Cancun Bus Drivers

If you have a mail box on your property instead of one for the whole street…

Does your mail delivery person drive like crazy person too?  Our houses are not that far apart, but he…and I am not kidding, slams his foot down on the gas and then slams his foot down on the brake.  The whole “lets hurry up so we can stop” thing.

I appreciate his enthusiastic desire to get the mail to us in a timely fashion, but honestly they must have to change the brakes out in that vehicle constantly. 

Have you ever been to Cancun?  The bus drivers there, are crazy.  I literally have to brace myself between seats so I don’t get thrown all over the place.  That and I leave permanent marks in Ben’s legs from holding on for dear life.  I wonder if our mail man used to live in Cancun and drive a bus?


5 Replies to “Mail Carriers and Cancun Bus Drivers”

  1. I don’t know, but if he did, then he might have also lived in London, England in the early 1980’s, since I have had the same experience. Or, perhaps he has a brother that lives overseas… Might be genetic…


  2. The driver doesn’t care, the PO is owned by the Government. Who do you think pays for the brakes and tires…… let me see…….oh “WE DO”. And by the way another Government business operating at a loss. Tax me Tax me.


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