He wasn’t doing anything wrong

So today I’m in Target doing some shopping. While I’m looking at something I vaguely hear this mom telling her child they they were not there for him and she had already told him that.

Now, I am all for parents disciplining their children. There are way to many undisciplined kids in this world.

I proceed down another isle and hear the mom hiss something at her son again. This time the tone of her voice was so sharp.

Mind you, not once did i hear this child’s voice. He was not a child that looked I’ll-behaved. I mean what child doesn’t ask for crap when you walk into a Target? But this boy seemed like a good boy.

So, I end up in the same checkout lane with them. And this time her voice is seething with disgust as she talks to him, I think he picked something up at the check line and was looking at it. He wasn’t talking or being bad, just looking at this something.

This target was a brand new target. They have these really cool all plastic, futuristic looking carts. The boy, was very amazed by them and was talking to his mom about how cool they were. She flipped around to face him, and brought his face close to hers (nose to nose) and told him to knock-it-off. He was driving her crazy.

Again, I’m all for discipling your child. BUT, he wasn’t be bad. He was just being a 10 yr old boy talking to his mom. He wasn’t running through the store screaming and yelling to get his way.

As I started to open my mouth I realized that I shouldn’t. But what I would have said to that mean mom….

“Mam, excuse me? I know you don’t know me. But I gave birth to a 1.4 lb baby girl in July. She put up one heck of a fight and we lost her on the 13th. Your son? Doesn’t seem like he’s a bad boy. He just seems like he’s social and is looking for love from you. Please stop talking to him like he was a mistake. Please give him a hug, because I’ll never be able to hug my daughter again.”

That’s what I would have said. I’m sorry little boy that I didn’t stand up for you. But your mom? She kinda scared me and I didn’t want to get into a fight with her…she could have kicked my butt!

I know this is out there. And I know I will see it daily. I’ve always seen it. But, now more than ever I see it differently. People, be nice to your kids, show them that they are loved. Because if you don’t want them, there are a lot of couples who would die to be the parents of your child.


5 Replies to “He wasn’t doing anything wrong”

  1. So often moms like this can be heard in the isles of stores,berating their children and destroying their self esteem. As heartbreaking as it is, what can we do? I am always afraid the parent will retaliate against the child when they are out of sight. As a person who sees parents like you who would give anything to have a child to love, it sickens me. I just want to snatch the child and give them to people like you and Ben, people who would treasure them, love them, and nurture them. Our society is failing the next generation. So sad.


  2. I’d be scared to see what she would have done to a really bad kid! Maybe we should say something to someone like that. …”mam, your embarrassing YOURSELF!” It’s so frustrating when you can’t protect the innocent!


  3. There is a show like this called “What would you do?”.It is about bazarre and harsh situations and watching the people around the main characters and their reactions. Waiting to see who steps in and helps and how many don’t. Too many don’t. Janelle you are a good person, trust your instincts. Next time (and I am sure there will be a next time. We have all heard this situation), step up for that child. Maybe a little embarrassment will make the parent think.


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