Good Things Disguised as an Inconvenience

 I hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas

We had a very mellow Christmas this year.  On Christmas Eve we went to the 4pm service at our church then, I cooked dinner for the 8 of us.  Ben’s mom, dad, and nan and my mom, dad, and brother.  Ben and I woke up Christmas morning and opened our gifts then, went to my parents for breakfast and more gift opening.  Then we headed over to Ben’s parents for more gift opening and dinner. 

Last week we went to church and our pastor was talking about what was happening in the world leading up to Christ’s birth, and what life was like for Mary and Joseph.  He said that for Mary and Joseph it couldn’t have been a more inconvenient time for them to be pregnant and then give birth to Jesus.  Everything about that 9 months wreaked of inconvenience.  IF you looked at it from their perspective.  BUT, from God’s perspective, it was perfect.  He was getting everything in-place for the birth of His Son.  Life is soooo inconvenient most of the time.  I mean lets face it…spending all that time in the hospital on bedrest to save my child’s life…then 100+ days in the NICU standing vigil praying that God would spare Taryn’s life…and then in the end…1 year later almost exactly, Ben and I are still not 3.  INCONVENIENT!  But, like I’ve always said there is a bigger picture, I just have to believe. 

So, maybe this last year has been one heck of an inconvenient year, but I believe that is because I can’t see into the future to know what God is preparing us for.

***The next few posts may contain some information that may be “weird” to read if you are a guy.  It isn’t my intention to gross you out but there is gonna be some talk about girly things.***

I went to see Dr. K on Dec 15th to get our plan organized.  I do not ovulate, and well, that is pretty essential to have a baby.  Which also means…I don’t get my period.  When you are breastfeeding you usually don’t get your period, it’s a hormone thing.  Well I got mine…amazing! in November, but didn’t get it for December.  At my Dr.’s appointment one of the things we had to figure out was the best way to bring on my period and since I missed December’s cycle he choose oral progesterone for 7 days.  I started that on Dec 16th, and when the 7 days was up I would get my period. 

Fast forward to today!  Today I got it.  Yeah!!!!  Because that means that today is CD1! (cycle day)  Tomorrow, I will be seeing my Dr. which will involve a blood draw to check my hormone levels, and a wanding. (Yes, a wanding, or aka an ultra sound.  But it’s not the kind where they squirt a bunch of goop on your belly and then look around.  Nope!  That’s only for when you are in your 2nd trimester.  Us girls who have fertility problems get wanded.  It’s a long ultrasound wand that they insert up your who-ha so they can get a look at all your lady bits or very young baby.  And yea I get more face time with that thing than probably the entire population of Rhode Island would in week.  So!  Good times!)  Tomorrow I will also get all my prescriptions for what I will need and we will set up my appointment for the transfer.

There will be 3 weeks before we transfer, and this is what they will look like.

Week 1 Dec 26-Jan 1

  • Monday – Dr. appointment (hormone check and wanding)
  • Start Delestrogen injection (Estradiol valerate) I take this med 2x a week.

Week 2 Jan 2-8

  • Dr. Appointment (hormone check and wanding)
  • Continue Delestrogen 2x a week

Week 3 Jan 9-15

  • Dr. appointment (hormone check and wanding)
  • Continue Delestogen 2x a week
  • Add progesterone shots daily.
  • Jan 15th=transfer day!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, because I’m sharing this whole process with you…I’m going to do a better job documenting this time around with lots of pictures and video!  This way you can actually get to see what it looks like when I give myself my shots!  Can’t you hardly wait?!!! 🙂  I know I’m very excited about the shots! No, really I am!  For this 3 week period of time I am very excited about them because without them I would have no chance at a pregnancy. 



8 Replies to “Good Things Disguised as an Inconvenience”

  1. Wow, janelle! First of all- what an incredible perspective spoken only from someone who has had to walk the dark valley to see the bigger picture of God’s love through such inconvenience! Second, I will be praying for every step of the way for this cycle!!! Praying for peace and success in Jesus name! Merry Christmas!


  2. Janelle, thanks for sharing these steps for this will help others going through the same thing. You and Ben are in our prayers daily. Love and blessings for 2011. Love Jeanie and Jack


  3. Yippie!!!!!! Janelle, your positive attitude and unwavering faith are going to see you through! We are praying (and rooting!!!) for you every step of the way!


  4. Can’t wait to visit you in the Labor and Delivery ward after you give birth to a healthy beautiful baby that you have gestated for 39+ weeks! Thank you for the Christmas card, it was beautiful!


  5. I will keep you in my prayers. Being that my sister is an ob/gyne and an fertility specialist I know this has been & will continue to be quite a journey. I’m so glad that you are working on this while you are young. God has a plan for you…just like you said. Love, Claudia


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